November 9th, 2007

Son of Stitch N' Bitch!

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Yesterday at work, three male co-workers alerted me to the existence of Son of Stitch N' Bitch; two were excited by a pattern for a disemboweled teddy bear, whilst the other was very into the Lucha Libre balaclavas.

I find it disturbing that [non-knitting] boys at work knew about a new knitting book before I did.

"Something," I said to the Boy, "is not right about this." He agreed, and then reminded me about how much he liked the Lucha Libre masks.

He is, I think, hinting.


* * *

In other news, I am--and you might want to brace yourselves for this news--still working on the Feather & Fan Shawl.

I have six more rows to knit, and then a long and convoluted crocheted edging/bind-off to do. Since I have misplaced the pattern book, this crocheted edging will be an adventure.

Anyway, my knitting-related goal is to FINISH the Feather & Fan Shawl of Doom by the end of this month, and then move on to something fun to work on during the traditionally uber-stressful month of December.

A Lucha Libre balaclava, perhaps?


Hey!! How about I make you a copy of the pattern like you asked me to do several times before and I have completely forgotten to do! :)) Email me your addy and I will snailmail it to you. Knitting this week looks like it will be at Knit & Purl seeing as how Chaun is teaching a class that half our group signed up for. I will be out of town so it may be awhile before I see you next. Email me, m'kay??
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Ooh, um, that would be really nice because... I am thinking of knitting ANOTHER shawl.

(I am going to post about the shawl now, so I will go do that instead of spoiling you via comment.)

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I'd heard of that book! I just hadn't realized it was all man patterns. Well, I'll look at it anyways. *G*

Long projects are *always* of doom! It's keeping up the motivation that's so hard. I'm nearly done with my Christmas knitting, nearly.
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BWHAHAHAH~!! I can totally picture which guys (I think) and how they would think the Lucha Libre balakava like masks would be the height of coooool.

I'm tempted by the newsboy caps in that book. hrmmm