March 19th, 2006

Finished Sockapaloooza Sock(s)!

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Very late update on the Sockapal3za socks, but I'm finished with the pair of them, joy of joys!

Here is a picture of one of them...

[Click for Bigsize.]

...modeled by me, so they look a bit overstretched--Sockpal and I do not have the same size feet, and I suspect she does not have my, um, sturdy calf/shin-measurements either.

Anyway, done! Hurrah! Now must remember to email my sock sister and tell her so she won't panic and think I haven't started yet!


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Why thank you! Note how I am queen of late comment replies. ~loves you~
Oh, the color is beautiful! They look great. Lucky sockpal!
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Thank you! :)
Looks terrific! That color is so brilliant.

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Thanks so much! I'm loving the color too. :)
Your socks are great - this is *your pal's* sock sister checking in with a circumference question: could you please measure your shapely calves at 5-6 inches from the floor (or at the widest point, if lower) and let me know what that measurement is? Your pal wants to make sure your sock fits beautifully . I'm at donna at knitonepurltoo dot com - thanks!
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Oh gosh, I've only just seen this comment, sorry! Sent you an email with my calf-measurements (9.25 inches at 5 inches from the floor, and 11.25 inches at 6 inches from the floor, in case my sockpal is reading this!) about a minute ago.

Thank you! And ♥ to my sockpal!