April 16th, 2006

Toe of Doom!

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Um, remember how I was done with my Sockapal3za socks? Well, yesterday I had another look at them, and I couldn't ignore how very much they are not the same length...


And ok, I knew this already. I did some vigorous wet-blocking, with many, many pins to try to get the small sock to grow. Then I took the socks to show my knitting group, and although the general consensus was a generous 'everyone has one foot bigger than the other,' I was uneasy. I mean, what if my sockpal does have unmatching feet like the rest of us, but my larger sock fits her smaller foot?

Anyway, yesterday I decided I have to re-knit the toe of the smaller sock. And this afternoon, right after I totally promised myself I would do nothing but de-clutter my bedroom, I found myself staring at this...

Oh well. Back to work!


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~g~ I tried SO HARD to get it to stretch more! It just wouldn't stop shrinking again! It's all knitted back up to its longer length now, though, so I am a happy girl. :D
They looked just fine to me. Oh to frog such a beautiful sock! Painful. Painful. Painful to watch. Okay, so I'm feeling a little melodramatic at the moment, but really - it looked just fine, better than fine, it looked great to me. ~ Suzanne.