May 30th, 2006

A Dearth of Knitting.

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Haven't been knitting much lately. A few stitches on a sock every so often, but other than that I'm just not fussed with knitting right now. Not quite sure why; maybe the frenzy of the Sockapal3za sock exchange, or maybe general life- and Mom-related stress.

Whatever it is, I'm sure I'll get back to knitting sometime soon. Just not, you know, today.

I *am* trying to crochet a washcloth, though. I think I am crocheting it in half-double crochet stitches, but actually I have no idea. I may be making up a stitch, and yes, I am so blase about the yarn-involving arts right now that I just can't be bothered to look anything up.

I do have a hankering to learn how to sew, though. I tried hand-sewing a small, purposeless bag the other night, but I got all the seams wonky so they weren't parallel, and it was just a mess.

Erin, whose new-ish blog Inner Non Sequiturs really needs to go on my sidebar (will fix that after I post this), also expressed an interest in sewing/quilting, so maybe we can encourage each other. She will make beautiful quilts and lovely clothes; I will make wonky quilts and ill-fitting items that scream 'homemade!' but I don't think I'll mind that; I will be at peace with my wonky sewing ability.

Right! Back I go to my mystery-crochet washcloth...