November 12th, 2006

Lizard Ridge, Bitches!

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Ok, I know it's been about a hundred years (or, you know, six months? I think?) since I posted here, but things have been busy, and I've been lazy about uploading photos to my computer. I may or may not have lost my camera cord again, and then found it today right in the place it is supposed to be. I will never tell.

I've been working on the Lizard Ridge afghan pattern from Knitty for the past couple of months, and I cannot even tell you how much I love this pattern. If the yarn (Noro Kureyon in a whole heap of random colorways) were soft, it would be the perfect pattern, as far as blankets go.

See, I did 'Version 1,' which is knitted in squares; they take less than one skein of Kureyon each, and you can either carefully plan out your yarn purchase so all the colorways will blend and match, or you can just buy a few skeins one day, and then a few in other colors a couple of weeks later, etc., like I did. Oh, and as you know, I love patterns that let you knit things in PIECES, because I like portability and the sense of achievement you get after each piece is finished. Plus, by the time you're bored with one piece, it's time to start another one.

Yesterday, Chaun invited me over to join her and Tracy for a day of afghan-square-arranging, spinning, and then dinner; it was a really good afternoon/evening, I have to say. Just exactly what I needed, plus Chaun's daughter is the coolest girl in the universe and she talked to me about books, which was totally great.

Here's what Tracy and Chaun did for me, because I was, um, maybe possibly having a tiny bit of trouble deciding how to arrange the seriously multi-colored Lizard Ridge squares...

Tracy with Lizard Ridge squares and Chaun's
gorgeous new spinning wheel.

Chaun and I escaped the camera.

...yeah. They have eyes for color, those girls.

Now I just have to sew the stupid thing together and crochet a border around it. After that, I'm starting on a shawl. Tracy, who's doing the same shawl, and I are going to have a race to see who can finish first. It's going to be the event of the year in the Santa Barbara knitting scene. I expect dodgy bookies are already setting odds and taking bets.


I just left the following comment on your old post. I know you will get it anyways but I must remedy it by leaving it here also.....
Why the frick don't we do that more often? And, you so know that it is a major RACE on knitting shawls around this here town! that made me guffaw out so funny
Maybe I will start another one just to smoke you guys ;o)
Uhm knitting is NOT A RACE or a COMPETITIVE SPORT Chaun. Jeeze. Feel lucky I have not started one... I have the fastest needles in the wilderness - YEEHAW! (not really)

You girls are the cat's pajamas.


The blanket is totally awesome. I can't WAIT to watch the knitting race. You both must talk yourselves up, boast without shame, and take lots of photos. I'm nervous with anticipation! :)
-Melissa (in Montana)